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EQyss Grooming Products - The Best Kept Secret Unleashed!

EQyss Grooming Products - The Best Kept Secret Unleashed!

EQyss Grooming Products Fit For Man Or Beast™ We are the creators and manufacturers ofMicro-Tek, Mega-Tek™, Marigold Spray and the finest quality grooming products available. EQyss Grooming Products in stock now. MICRO-TEK MEDICATED SHAMPOO 2 / 16ozMICRO-TEK MEDCATED SPRAY 2 / 16ozPREMIER REHYDRANT SHAMPOO 2 / 16oz PREMIER REHYDRANT SPRAY 2 / 16ozPREMIER CREME RINSE 2 / 16ozAVOCADO MIST DETANGLER 2 / 16ozSURVIVOR DETANGLER - 8ozMICRO-TEK COAT REBUILDER 2 / 16oz(Great for Chemotherapy patients...)EQyss products are 100% CRUELTY FREE and are 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Every EQyss product is made with all natural, botanical ingredients wherever possible. None of our products contain DEA. Please call or write us with any questions or commentsusing the form below.Thanks for visiting:)
The Best Kept Secret Unleashed!
What is the best kept secret that will leave your hair, your skin, AND your pets feeling and smelling great, and with no chemicals or harmful additives? EQyss Grooming Products!Initially manufactured for pets and horses, these incredible products have to be tried to be believed. Get in on the secret and TRY IT to believe it! The complete line is free of oil, silicone, and harsh detergents that strip nutrients and moisture from your hair. EQyss - Human Cross Over Benefits All EQyss products are proven human beauty salon formulas that have been used for years by salons all over the world. When EQyss increased certain ingredients used in these already successful formulas to penetrate the thicker harder hair on a horse, some astonishing things started to happen. The results are simply amazing when these equine products are used on human hair and skin. They are the finest, safest products you can buy, and work better than any human salon product.
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Karma's Herbs Free Report
October 2009

Greetings to you all:)
I'm pleased to introduce a series of Catalogues devoted to my Spiritual & Natural Products(items from Australia) section.Catagories include: GIFT & FRAGRANCES / INCENSE COLLECTIONS / HEALTH PRODUCTSPLEASE NOTE: It will take some time to load them all, so be sure to check back SOON...
ANNEMARIE BORLINDNot familiar with Annemarie Borlind, but would like to try the line. Please fill out this questionnarie & send it back to me.Annemarie Börlind Skin Care QuestionnaireMORE ABOUT THE COMPANY CAN BE SEEN BELOW... BÖRLIND – a company portrait Beauty from Nature Annemarie Börlind – the brand name for healthy beauty with the revitalizing strength of nature. This medium-sized family concern, situated in the idyllic Black Forest, is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality natural cosmetics for beauty and body care. Annemarie Börlind beauty care products are based on natural active ingredients. Natural cosmetics – a term which still causes misunderstanding, has been clearly defined by the Börlind product philosophy:•Based on nature•Dermatologically tested for efficacy and skin compatibility•Cruelty free, without animal extracts•With organic botanical extracts Annemarie Börlind beauty care products contain 100% natural ingredients, which gently and naturally care for and improve the functions of the skin. Only natural, high quality raw ingredients, whenever possible from controlled organic sources, are used for the manufacture of our cosmetic products. this includes valuable botanical oils, pure herbal extracts, valuable vitamins, active agents from the sea, moisturizing factors and much more. Modern production methods and the latest technological knowledge ensure the careful processing of these delicate substances. The principle of carefully extracting all possible active agents contained in an extract is similar to the principles of whole food nutrition. Only first pressing botanical oils are used, as they have the highest content of active agents, vitamins and lecithin. As soil quality, location and climate all influence the quality of botanical raw ingredients, these factors are all taken into account when selecting the ingredients. Paraffin and synthetic oils are not used. The products themselves are only conserved with natural preservatives. They do not contain synthetic preservatives, which can disrupt the natural skin functions. For ethical reasons we do not use fresh cell extracts, collagen, elastin, placenta etc., which are all obtained from dead animals. Equally, Annemarie Börlind has always refused to carry out animal tests. All products are tested for their skin-compatibility in dermatological clinics. The high quality of the natural ingredients used and the dermatological tests ensure excellent efficacy and optimal skin-compatibility.Annemarie Börlind/DadoSens Price List/Order Form
Ojibwa Tea of Life™ABOUT OJIBWA TEA OF LIFE™JUST INImmune System SupportEAST STAR LIQUID EXTRACT 2 fl oz.Immuno-Stimulant, Anti Mutagenic. This original Formula is designed to be taken with Ojibwa Tea of Life™ Essiac but can be taken on it's own as a deep immune activator and blood cleanser.

Raintree Nutrition product line - involved in researching, developing, importing and marketing non-timber rainforest products with special emphasis on the important medicinal plants of the Amazon Rainforest. Download a PRODUCT BROCHURE for an explanation of the products available!
Raintree Nutrition - PRODUCT BROCHURE Download a Price List / Order Form Today!
Raintree Nutrition - PRICE LIST / ORDER FORM
SUPERFOODS - discover the benefits of natural plant-based whole foods!Sequel Naturals - Vega, MacaSure, ChlorEssence!
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Look out for MINI INCENSE GIFT PACKAGES just in time for Christmas!
A Daily Reminder is a positive, healing, empowering statement on an alluring background.They are designed to be simple, easy to remember, yet capture thoughts so that you can remember them throughout your day.Each Reminder can be a powerful tool to help you create a consciousness that supports the highest and best in you.
Daily Reminders originated from Jacqueline Stone ofRecovering from Abuse - Together, we can heal.Recently, I've had the honor of being asked to produce artwork to match each Reminder.The results can be seen below.
Our hope is to by-pass the intelect, penatrating the subconcious, enabling many to overcome all that ails.Whether you're dealing with Recovery from Abuse, Alcohol, Neglect, Suicide &/or Trauma of any kind,you'll find these Daily Reminders have the ability to help restore you to your TRUE BEING...
Daily Reminder products can be found at Conscious Change Daily Reminders &Karma's Zenzations Daily RemindersPlease feel free to ask for specific Daily Reminders on any of the wide varitey of products that are available.
~ Enjoy ~
HERE'S THE RECIPEEdible SpidersIngredients1 cup semisweet chocolate chips1 teaspoon butter24 large marshmallows1 (6 ounce) package chow mein noodles1 (12 ounce) package mini candy-coated chocolate piecesDirections1. In a microwave-safe bowl, combine chocolate chips and butter. Microwave until melted. Stir occasionally until chocolate is smooth. Pour chocolate into a sealable plastic bag and set aside.2. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Stick 4 chow mein noodles into each side of marshmallow for legs, and arrange on wax paper. Using scissors, cut one corner off the bag of melted chocolate. Drizzle over the marshmallow spiders. Attach 2 candies to each marshmallow for eyes. Chill until chocolate hardens.~ Enjoy ~ The Spider - Halloween - Edible Spider Recipe by karmasherbsSee more 'spider Cards
PLEASE HOLD THIS INTENTION FOR ME!My body has the ABILITY to heal itself
Daily Reminder - Ability by karmasherbsmake business cards online on zazzle
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Some Great Resources
Pay As You Go - WebpagesINTENDED AS AN "EXCHANGE OF ENERGY"!Great Rates!! See examples below
Jule of the OrientA liquid preparation of herbs and fruit juicesformulated to promote a long, healthy, and vibrant life.Control Your Weight, Feel Great!TAIslimRevolutionary New Triple Patent-Pending FormulaFights Abdominal Fat!Enhances Metabolism!Helps Control Appetite!Cleanses and Replenishes!Feel More Energy!GoChi™For more than 4000 years, the goji berry has been revered in Chinese medicine for its unmatched ability to promote health and to balance the body’s energies, especially the “vital life force” known as chi.
Find out about these miracle herbs from Loraine RoyesMiracle Herbs - Jule of the Orient, TAIslim, & GoChiSEPARATELY: Loraine & husband Tim, run VIP Car Child Seat Rentals Inc. Safety & Convenience when travelling. You can visit there website here...
Services with MargaritaPolarity Therapy is a natural health care system that reduces stress and enhances better health.Bowen Therapy is a safe and gentle form of body work in which very subtle moves performed over the muscles and connective tissue send messages deep into the body, retrieving cellular memory of a relaxed, balanced way of well being.Ear Candling is an age-old art that began with the Hopi Indians, ear candling, or coning, is a wonderful way to deal with the cleansing of the ears.Ion Cleanse is a complete Body Detoxification in just 30 minutes. This is a total body detoxification without precipitating a healing crisis.Polarity & Bowen Therapy, Ion Cleanse & Ear CandlingCOMING SOON RAINDROP THERAPY using Young Living Essential Oils
MY FAVORITE HERBS THIS MONTHFor some reason, these 3 Herbs (plant foods) have come up time and time again this month... MACADr. Oz - Longeivity ShakeYERBA MATETraditional Uses:* as a stimulant (for its caffeine content); as an overall tonic (tones, balances, strengthens the body) and digestive aid; for obesity and as part of weight loss regimens; as a general nervine (balances/calms nerves) for nerve pain, nervous fatigue, and depression; for allergies and sinusitisCAMU-CAMUThe Amazon rainforest productes a fruit that has mor Vitamin C than any other known plant in the world. Ounce for ounce, Camu-Camu has thirty times more Vitamin C than an orange.To learn about:Main Preparation MethodMain Actions (in order)Main UsesProperties/Actions Documented by ResearchCautionsTraditional PreparationContraindicationsDrug Interactions& much morePLEASE CHECK OUT THETROPICAL PLANT DATABASE.The statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA or the BMA and as such these products are not intended to treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. Raintree Health does not offer medical advice, we would always strongly advocate that our visitors seek advice from your local practitioner or medical specialist.
Beat Cancer - Natural Cancer Treatments you should know about.
AeroGarden Coupons and DiscountsThe AeroGarden is extremely popular for people that like to cook with fresh herbs or vegetables, gardeners that want to grow in the winter season and anyone that likes fresh flowers, herbs or vegetables year round. The AeroGarden takes all the guess work out of growing flowers, herbs and vegetables indoors!
Home Remedy - May help Bronchitis (Respiratory Ailments)2 Large Onions2 or 3 Garlic PegsCover with water in a potBring to a boil.Cover and simmer for about ½ an hour.Mixture should be boiled down to about ½ the original amountStrain and press mixture and add equal amounts of honey. (I add less than that).1 -2 tablespoons every 3 - 4 hours.Keep refrigerated.Tastes better heated. You can also add a touch of ginger.NOT INTENTED AS A TREATMENT OR CURE. PLEASE SEE YOUR FAMILY DOCTOR
GREAT LIVER CLEANSEJUICE TOGETHER4 Hard Apple (eg. Gala or Fiji)1 whole Lemon (skin & all)w piece Ginger (thumb size)
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Jacqui @ Karma's Herbs.Information within this report is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.
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Downloadable MeditationsPromotion - Coupon CodeORDER 3 OR MORE MEDITATIONS & GET 20% OFF!Coupon Code: meditate3Click Here to take advantage of this offer, and relax.To learn more about Reiki Product available OR just to browse Click herefor more information...Be sure to check out Yoga Swing - Sky Surf(makes a great gift) along with other items within Metaphysics/ New Age (items from Australia section) Aromatherapy - Gifts & Fragrances - Herbs for Incense - & Magickal use Indian - Assorted Incense / Cones & Dhoop / Incense Holders - Resins & Wood - Magic / Reiki Jewelry, Crystals, Talismans & Charms - Yoga Swing Sky Surfer - Music - & Books
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I came across this video a couple of weeks ago. Thought it was worth sharing with anyone who works long hours on their computers or any repetitive job.Discover the secret behind the Five Rituals and learn how.Click on this link to discover more at the official site:The Five Rituals - Uncover the lost Tibetan secret of eternal youthSISTERRA ..."Botanical Blends for Skin and Hair" Sisterra is a natural health and beauty company that uses the properties and power of essential plant oils to create nourishing, rejuvenating products for skin, hairand overall well -being.
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HEALING SILKSIncludes: Intentional Energizers, Altar Cloths/Wall Hangings, Affirmation Bookmarks, Gratitude Scarves, Images & Insights, Sacred Healing Wraps, Healing Prayer Shawls and Scarves - For Spirit, Mind and Body... ~ WE WELCOME WHOLESALE ACCOUNTS ~
Healing Silks
Energy Healers, Health Professionals and those seeking recovery to perfect health report the Healing Silks to be effective used alone or in conjunction with various modalities of Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology and conventional medical practices. Many choose to wear Healing Silks as protection from EMF exposure.When using Healing Silks to clear and open energy pathways, charkas, meridians and bio-fields, a wearer receives more vital energy, greater clarity, pain relief, accelerated healing from surgery as well as lesser side-effects from chemotherapy.HEALING SILKS ACTIVATION ENERGIZERJust wanted you to have it for tomorrow... And the next 13 months. This will attract all that you focus on very quickly during the next 13 months. Use it for the your own highest good, and remember always to do great and good things with what you manifest. Print it, or save it to your desktop and use it every day. Share it with others. Please share it with your friends, I explain it as an “energizer” for tapping the unused portion of your Subconscious mind, Just breathe deeply, go to a quiet place within, as you focus on image and imagine the perfect “Attraction ~ Synergy” manifesting what you want. It truly is yours to claim. The more often you focus, and the more you act on the quiet “promptings” the sooner your manifestation(s) will occur. If you think you need proof, start small and work up to the larger more important things you desire, be it relationship, money, career, health, or whatever. ~ Divine love and blessings to y ou ~
Personalized AstroSigns eReadings - Now are now available @ Karma's Herbs.For more information please visit Spiritual RealmWhat would you like to see in our next FREE REPORT?
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